Hoppy Easter!!!

Anna’s first Easter was ‘eggs-ellent’!!! We enjoyed visiting family and letting people meet Miss Anna.

Meeting the Easter Bunny!


Look what the Easter Bunny delivered!!!


We had the follow-up appointment with the pediatric GI (Dr. Rosenblum) a week ago on Tuesday.  Anna was doing better with the Prilosec, but was still eating less than she should.  Even her vomiting slowed down.  She only gained 3 ounces in a week.  That’s not so good.  She should be gaining about 6-8 ounces a week.  Dr. Rosenblum was hopeful that once the medicine took full effect (could take 2 weeks) that she will want to eat more.  I thought we might be turning a corner and left the office feeling very hopeful.

Well, things spiraled out of control over the weekend.  Anna started throwing up again.  We noticed that Anna was throwing up something bright yellow at one point.  She had been eating even less than normal and was showing signs of dehydration.  I called the GI on call and had a very long conversation with her.  We decided to start feeding Anna smaller amounts every 2 hours instead of feeding on demand and allowing her to eat as much as she wanted.  The GI also told us that we could give her Mylanta Supreme up to 4 times a day after she eats.  I made an appointment with Dr. Rosenblum for this morning.

Yesterday was the worst day we have had so far.  It was miserable.  I spent the entire day keeping Anna calm.  It might have been the longest, most stressful day of my life.  By the time Alex got home from work I was just this twitching mass on the couch.  I passed Anna to Daddy and went to take a bath.  Turns out we didn’t have any hot water … so even that was messed up for me.

Alex took the day off today and went with us to the GI.  Anna gained another 3 ounces during the week.  She’s now 8lb 6oz and 21 inches long.  Anna is 8 weeks old.  I explained that Anna has been refusing food and skipping feedings.  The GI didn’t seem concerned because she is still gaining, even though it’s a slower rate than normal.  The doctor explained that reflux is a long battle.  We have to change things slowly to see if it works or not.  There are good and bad days even when you are on the right track.  It’s really difficult to be patient when you see your child suffering.  There’s no quick fix for this and it kills me.  Dr. Rosenblum is having us increase the Prilosec dose and reduce the rice cereal in the formula.  we will also be giving her 3 ounce bottles every 3 hours.  We are going to see how that pans out over the next week or so.  I have to take Anna in on the 20th for a weight check.  She goes in on the 27th for a follow-up.

Anna’s 2 month well-baby appointment is Friday with her pediatrician.  I know that there are several vaccines in store for her.  I’m a little concerned about her getting all of those vaccines with her being so small.  I plan on talking to her doctor about it, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts…


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