‘She look like boy’

This week has been pretty uneventful.  Thank goodness!  It’s a welcomed change of pace.  🙂

I found myself in two places for prime people watching – airports and a buffet.  You know what I mean.  You can just sit back and look around and not be bored.  People are funny.  That’s just the bottom line.  What I want to know is why people choose to wear what they do when they fly.  So, I was waiting for my mom, sister, and nephews to arrive from Colorado and I noticed that there are several different categories of how people dress at the airport.  You’ve got the ‘I just want to be comfortable’ group.  They are wearing everything from spandex to muumuus.  Some of those people obviously don’t care what they look like or who they see.  Then there’s others who are in work-out clothes, full make-up, jewelry, and fixed hair.  Like ‘I want to appear to not really care, but actually care very much’.  Then there’s a group of ‘businessers’.  They are in nice work clothes and walk around with their laptop cases and Blackberries.  They pretend to not notice any of the other peons in the terminal because they are obviously too busy and important.  Clearly they are better than us!  The final group I could see was the ‘crazies’.  These people just looked so out of place it was hilarious.  There was a lady with strappy heels and socks.  Yikes.  There was also a lady who was running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  She kept trying to run into the terminal through the exit.  Then she was trying to cut line in security.  She was so wacko that it wasn’t even a threat to security.  All the people watching makes you wonder what people think about you when you are walking through an airport.

I promised Alex we could get Chinese food one night.  So, I found myself at another people watching Mecca.  A buffet.  How gross.  I threw up in my mouth several times…. First, there was this little boy who would pull out a spoonful of whatever and lean his head under the ‘spit glass’ to sniff the spoon.  Umm, how you say BARF.  Looking around and seeing the huge number of extremely overweight people and their children was depressing.  Alex and I are starting a diet.  There’s no way I’m raising my children like that.

Before we left the nasty Chinese restaurant, one of the male servers came up and starting asking about Anna.  A little while in (mind you I had called her by name and said she/her several times) he asked me if Anna was a little boy.  I told him that Anna was all girl.  He then says “Really?  She look like boy.”  Wow.  Honestly??  I gave him mean looks the rest of the time we were there.

We took a little trip to the mall this weekend.  Alex needed some pants for work and I wanted to get some 0-3 month clothes for Anna.  She’s almost to the point of outgrowing her newborn clothes.  The real problem is that she’s so long she grows out of the clothes lengthwise instead of widthwise.  Anna was a trooper at the mall!  She’s such a good little shopper!!  Anna got the most out of anyone.  I think that trend will most likely continue for the rest of our lives…

It’s really funny when we are out in public.  People give us these looks like we are insane for bringing out a ‘brand new baby’.  I can’t blame them.  Anna looks like she was born a few days ago.  It feels like she’s been a newborn forever.  Heck, she’s almost 2 months old and not even in 0-3 month clothes… The look on a person’s face when I explain that she is actually 7 weeks old is really funny.  I know she will catch up at some point!

We have a follow-up appointment with the GI tomorrow.  The Prilosec really seems to help.  She still gets fussy at some feedings, but it’s been a major improvement from before the medicine.  I think we are on the right track!  She hasn’t been spitting and throwing up as much.  Alex was holding Anna the other night on his shoulder.  All of a sudden he lets out this dramatic yelp and informs me that he needs to take his shirt off because Anna has ‘spit up all over it’.  I look over and there is literally a teaspoon of spit up on his shirt.  I tell him to quit being a drama queen.  Well, a few days later Anna throws up all over him.  It was something out of the Exorcist.  Alex and Anna were both dripping with spit up and it was all over the floor.  I informed him that NOW would be the time to change his shirt…

My mom requested a way to be notified via email when I have updated my blog.  So, I added a way to do that.  If you notice the box on the left you can subscribe with an email address.  Once you confirm the address, an email will be sent everytime I add a post.  Think about it.  It could change your life… 😉


In my Bumbo and LOVING it!!!


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