Big Sister Lucy

I feel bad for our dog.  Lucy (full name: I Love Lucy Parsons) is a 1.5 year old golden retriever.  She is so sweet and loyal.  However, you can tell that she is a bit put-off by our newest bundle of joy.  Lucy shows no signs of aggression.  She’s quite opposite actually.  Lucy wants to be right where Anna is – always.  It’s to the point that she’s in the way and always trying to lick the baby.  I’m ok with a little sibling love, but we have to keep up a level of hygiene here.  We keep telling Lucy no and to leave the baby alone.  Lately, the only time she isn’t pouting is when she’s trying to steal Anna’s pacifiers!  So, I’ve decided to give Lucy a little blog lovin (she’s an avid fan of the ol’ blog…)


Lucy as a baby

My sweet puppy

Someone got a haircut!


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