Holy Hospital Bills Racking Up

I had my follow-up appointment with my OB last Thursday.  I’ve been certified as healthy.  Woohoo!  My doctor even verified that Anna is the cutest baby he’s ever seen!!  I always knew he was smart!!  He said that there’s about a 30% chance that my water would break prematurely with my next pregnancy.  Yikes.  I was a big ball of nerves this go around – I can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like the next time.  I’m going to just be waiting for something to happen.  I asked him if there is anything that can be done to prevent it.  He thinks that he will give me progesterone shots starting at 16 weeks for prevention.  Already having a bit of anxiety for all that… A little more bad news is that I’m pretty sure my kidney stone is back.  Holy back pain.  It’s like a dull achy pain that is constant and kind of wraps around to my stomach and shoots down my leg.  It’s really not fun.  I had an appointment with a urologist this morning.  I’m hoping that they will figure out what’s going on and fix it – fast.  I don’t wish kidney stones on my worst enemy.  Although it would make for a cool super hero.  Captain Pissy Pants has the power to debilitate vilians with a single kidney stone… Ok, I’m done.  I apologize.  The up side is that they do give you some pretty amazing drugs to have on hand to get through attacks.  The urologist found trace amounts of blood in my urine (why do doctors always play with your pee??).  He sent me for a cat scan and x-ray to see if there are still stones in there and the best way to proceed.  I should know more early next week.

We went to Cape Girardeau last weekend to visit family.  Most of our family has not gotten the opportunity to meet our princess yet.  Anna and I went shopping with Maime when we arrived on Friday.  We got a ton of bows and accessories for little Miss.  We’ve decided bows will be like underwear – mandatory (most days anyway) and always changing.


My first bow – Maime, you are the best!


Ready for Church


Friday night, while in Cape, I was feeding Anna.  While I was burping her, I noticed her mouth was turning blue around lips while she was in certain positions.  Needless to say I freaked out a bit.  Called the pediatrician’s nurse line who told us to have her checked within 24 hours.  Well, who can sleep when they know their daughter’s face is shades of blue, so we packed up and headed to the ER in Cape.  After monitoring and a chest x-ray the doctor said that she looked fine.  The chest x-ray was terrifying.  First, the technician comes in and tells me that she’s going to take Anna down the hall and that I’m supposed to stay there.  Yeah, over my dead body.  I took my baby to x-ray and witnessed the whole thing.  They have this clear tube that’s cut length-wise.  They basically squeezed Anna between the two pieces of the tube and belted it shut.  Anna was screaming bloody murder and I was frozen.  Her cries made my stomach hurt so bad that I felt like pooping my pants on the spot.  I didn’t.  We went back home after everything checked out.

We figured out the solution for the leaky nipple problem we were having.  Apparently Dr. Brown (the type of bottle we are using) has a nipple that has a y-shape hole for thicker formula.  I found the only packages of them in Cape and bought all of them.  We still have the occasional nipple leak (it’s bound to happen right??).  Better than a nipple slip, that’s for sure.

Anna is still pretty fussy during and after feedings.  I spoke with the pediatrician on Monday.  She was put on Pepcid for her baby heartburn.  That could take up to 2 weeks to show a difference.  She’s taken to projectile vomiting once a day.  It came out of her nose the other day.  She started choking so I grabbed her and turned her over.  She was hysterically screaming and crying after that.  I was crying too.  I feel helpless.  The pediatrician changed her formula to Nutramigen.  It’s like powdered gold and smells like old dirty feet.  Kind of makes me want to vomit.  A resident from Children’s Hospital told me that she was forced to try some.  She said it tastes as nasty as it smells.  What kind of residency are they running down there??

Alex and I were out to dinner on Wednesday night.  Alex looked over and saw that Anna had spit up and  her lips were blue.  He grabbed her out of her car seat and turned her over.  With all of the smurf impressions coming from Anna, I called the doctor the next day to set up an appointment.  I took her later that day.  We walked past two people leaning on a sign saying ‘Smoke-Free Campus’, smoking a cigarette.  Really people??  Her regular pediatrician wasn’t there, so we saw another doctor.  I showed a resident and the pediatrician the blue around her mouth while she was being burped.  They said it’s completely normal.  When she’s in that position, blood pools around her mouth.  Her skin is so thin, it appears blue.  Thank goodness!  Both of the doctors took turns listening to Anna’s heart.  They were taking longer than normal and conversing over something.  I heard one say ‘Oh yes, I hear it.’  After swallowing my stomach, I asked them what they were hearing.  Apparently Anna has a heart murmur.  She said that murmurs are usually completely harmless.  However, because she had the episode of her lips turning blue they wanted to get her heart checked out.  Just to make sure that the murmur is normal and not the result of something bigger.  I think my eyes were the size of dinner plates because they told me not to worry.  Why is it that people always tell you not to worry when they tell you some bad news??  Well, Anna had an echocardiogram this afternoon.  The technician said that he didn’t see anything wrong, but we have to hear from the doctor after a cardiologist reviews the test.  We should know early next week.

On a less serious note, I was giving Anna a bath last night and Alex was watching.  Well, I was washing her lady parts because that’s what you do during a bath.  Alex was like, ‘You are supposed to scrub her little area?’  I asked him how he thought it was going to get clean.  He said he knows you have to wash it but that he hasn’t warmed up to it yet.  I almost died.  How do you warm up to that??  Dinner and a movie??


My little cuddle cup


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