Stinky Formula and Amino Acids

Can I just say that formula smells.  It smells bad.  Like, really really bad.  It smells like rotting food.  Nasty.  Anna doesn’t seem to mind though.  She sucks it down like it’s the last bottle on Earth.  I vomit in my mouth a little bit when I go to rinse out the used bottles…

I got a phone call from one of the nurses at Anna’s pediatrician this morning.  Her newborn screen (a mandated blood test that all Missouri newborns are given) results came back and she has slightly elevated amino acid levels.  The nurse then tells me not to worry (oh yeah right…) and that the test needs to be repeated.  They faxed over orders to Missouri Baptist to have the blood work done.  My mom was here, so we packed up everything (including Miss Anna) and headed to the hospital.  It was my first attempt at using the stroller.  I managed to wrestle it open and then proceeded to run the wheels into every chair and foot I passed.  I never claimed to be a good driver!  After a mix-up over the paperwork, they took Anna’s blood from her heel.  Mommy about died, but Anna was a trooper.  However, my mom heard her scream from the waiting room.

Because her level was only slightly elevated, the doctor thinks there’s a good chance that it’s a false positive.  They aren’t adjusting her diet yet – waiting on these next results to come in.  If it is positive, and Anna is diagnosed with Amino Acid Disorder then we will have to adjust her diet.  Quick biology lesson:  the protein that is eaten is digested into different amino acids.  If Anna’s body can’t digest the amino acids, they build up and can cause different effects to her little body.  Things like behavior problems, hyperactivity, irritability, eczema, body odor, fair hair and skin (heck – being my daughter can cause that one), and even mental retardation.  Yikes.  Anna would have to adhere to a strict low/no protein and dairy diet for the rest of her life.  Doable, but not so much fun.  The result will take about 2 weeks.  Now we just wait and pray!

Just a few pictures I’ve taken recently


Being burped … so hard!


Sweet baby smile!  She must be thinking “I love my Mommy!!”


“Love Me” – No problem sweet cheeks!!

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