Anna – 2/11

Thursday (2.11.10) – Day #4 in NICU

Anna continues to blow everyone away by how quickly she’s reaching milestones.  She’s such a little miracle!!  One nurse was saying how feisty she is, but that the feisty ones always do the best in there.  Thank God she has a bit of an attitude!!

Her IV had been moved to her foot after the one in her left hand infiltrated.  Well, the IV in her foot infiltrated and they had to move it again.  I was told she’s a hard ‘stick’.  She doesn’t get that from a stranger!  They were finally able to get an IV going in the crook of her right arm.  She hates it there because she loves to bend her arms to keep her hands by her face.  Luckily, they removed the IV completely by the end of the day because she was getting enough nutrition from her feedings!!  That was a huge step!!  (And it means that I can bring in her own clothes to wear!!)  A true princess does not wear the hospital-provided onesie…

An occupational therapist saw Anna today.  She was very impressed by how strong her sucking is.  They would usually start a 33-weeker on slow-flow nipple to help improve their sucking.  Anna needs no help and was started with a high-flow nipple (what is standard on bottles).  The therapist said that Anna is doing awesome!!

Her feedings have been steadily increasing.  She tolerated both 17ml feedings completely fine.  Apparently she acted like she wanted more (I’ve been told that by several nurses)!  She was really sleepy during her first 21ml feeding (it was in the middle of the night) and would only take 17ml.  Anna was able to take all 21ml at the next feeding.  She tolerated the remaining feedings for the day.  She should be up to 38ml (full feeding) by Friday morning.  In order for her to go home, she has to continue eating well and consistantly gain weight over several days.  She will have to do this while in a crib and regulating her own temperature.  She weighed 4lb 8oz tonight.

Her bilirubin level rose again today to 10.9.  They started her on phototherapy.  They have a bili-light in her blanket to help with the increased bilirubin.  The doctors aren’t calling it a full case of jaundice, instead they are trying to head it off early because the number has risen over 3 days.  If her number continues to rise she will have to lay under the lamp in the incubator.

The night nurse said that Anna is ready for a crib, but they have to wait and see what happens with the bilirubin.  They don’t want to remove her from the incubator only to put her back in if she needs the full bili-lamp.

The other big news in the nursery is that the baby next to Anna tested positive for RSV.  It’s a really serious illness in children that attacks their respiratory system.  It is spread by contact, so Anna should have been safe in her incubator.  However, the staff has tested all the babies in the nursery.  Anna is negative.  They are also giving all the babies a shot to prevent them from getting RSV.  It’s like a flu shot for RSV.  I’m hoping that no one else contracts it.

I tried to have Anna latch on during the 11am feeding.  She didn’t seem very interested.  We did about an hour of kangaroo time in the afternoon.  She absolutely loved it!  So did I!!  I was just sitting there looking at her thinking about how absolutely perfect she is.  It’s amazing how you can instantly love someone so much that you just met. It’s mind-blowing actually.

Alex got to give Anna a bath tonight and feed her.  It was so cute!  He was holding her while the nurse got everything ready.  Anna was naked as could be!  Love little naked babies!!


Our Little Glow Worm


Bath Time!!!  Getting kisses from Daddy!!


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