Update: Saturday 2/6/10

Day #5

The best I can tell is that today is Saturday.  My days are seriously running together.  I have to take notes of what happened and when just to give people updates.  Could my ‘baby brain’ be getting worse??  I didn’t think that was possible!  I’m pretty sure Anna eats my brain cells in order to grow…

Right before bed last night, I started having the cramping feelings that radiated through my lower back. My lower back would start to hurt pretty bad and then my uterus would contract. It hurt pretty bad, and then I noticed that it was happening about every 10 minutes.  I called the nurse and she hooked me up to the fetal monitor.  At first the contractions would register a bit.  (The nurse was calling it irritability and not contractions.)  Doesn’t ‘irritable uterus’ sound like something from the “Vagina Monologues”??  I stayed hooked up all night and they eventually stopped.  I kept having some of the cramping feelings, but they didn’t even register on the monitor. The back pain alone was killer. So, I’m thinking to myself, “How in the heck am I going to get through labor if these contractions hurt and aren’t even showing up on the monitor…” I thought I was a little tougher than that!

I saw the doctor around 9 am.  She is VERY pleased with how Anna is looking.  Dr. Smith said that she was actually a little surprised I didn’t go into labor yesterday.  Apparently the cramps I’ve been having sounded like labor pains.  Yay for surprising the doctor!!  I’ve been having the cramps and back pain throughout the day.  They hurt like a mother trucker, but at least it’s not labor.

They did sensitivity testing on my Strep B culture to see which antibiotics respond to treat it.  They usually treat Strep B with penicillin, but I’m allergic.  Just my luck, the antibiotics I’m already on do not treat my strain of Strep B.  The doc is adding a third antibiotic that the strain responded to.  It’s called vancomycin.  The only way to deliver the vanco is through an IV.  So, they had to put my IV back in.  I wouldn’t make a good heroin addict, because they had a heck of a time finding a vessel for the IV.  I guess they needed a big vessel because the medicine is a bit caustic.  They wanted to avoid putting in my hand because the medicine can damage the vessel if it’s delivered too quickly.  Well, the nurse gave it her all to try and get an IV in my arm.  She tried once on my left arm and then once on the right.  She was clearly upset that she couldn’t get it, so she called a nurse anesthetist to try and start my IV.  He spent about an hour digging around in two different places in my arm with a needle.  He gave up and called in an anesthesiologist.  The anesthesiologist came in and didn’t even try to find a vessel in my arm.  She used a bigger needle and got the IV started in my left hand.  I got my first dose of the vanco this afternoon.  It takes about 2 hours to go in and burns the entire time.  I will get that everyday and while I’m in labor.  If Anna ever doubts that I love her dearly, I might scream!  hehe.

My mom and sister came up today to help out at home and visit.  They washed a bunch of Anna’s clothes and put things away.  They baked me brownies and got a few things from the store.  They ran to Babies R Us and picked up a few things that we need along with some preemie clothes.  One of my mom’s friends is convinced that Anna is doing this just to get a bunch of cute preemie clothes… I would have to agree!  They are such a big help!!  Thanks guys!!

My cousin Rita came up to visit too!  It was so good to visit with her!!  Little Rita is always a blast to have around!!

I think Anna Banana is getting bigger because my tummy has gotten bigger since I’ve been here.  She should be!  All I’ve been doing is laying around and eating, so I can’t say I’m surprised.  I feel like the Goodyear Blimp…  Pretty soon they aren’t going to know where I stop and the bed begins.  I’m just hoping that I fit in the clothes my sister brought me to go home in.

I took a few pictures of my room today.  I wanted to share my views with the world!!


My room!  Isn’t it cozy?!?!


The view at the foot of my bed.  That’s I-270.


View from the right side of my bed.  I-64/40


Being monitored.  Look at how strong Miss Anna looks (she’s the top line)!!


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