Update: Friday 2/5/10

Day #4

I was up pretty early this morning (around 4:30am).  My sleep schedule has been kind of messed up since I’ve been in ‘lock-up’.  A lab technician came into my room around 5am to draw some blood for a blood count.  So, I guess it was good that I was already up.  I ended up taking several naps through the day to make up for waking up so early.  Gotta catch up on my sleep now!

Dr. Smith came to see me mid-morning while they had me hooked up to the fetal monitor.  She said Anna is still looking amazing and showing absolutely no signs of stress.  I had been having some cramping and then tightening in my uterus.  They didn’t show up on monitor and there is no pattern to them at all.  They also do not get any worse, so no cause for concern.  Doc said it was just Braxton-Hicks and not me going into labor at this point.  She said I would know when they were ‘real’ contractions.  Can’t wait for that… hehe.

My white blood cell count was at 15.  They would like it to be below or around 14, so it’s a little elevated.  They aren’t concerned because the steroid shots can cause an elevated white blood cell count (around the 20’s).  So, Dr. Smith thinks that my levels are just coming down from the effects of the steroid shots.  They will monitor my counts to see what my baseline is.

One side of my face is stopped up.  I guess it’s a pretty common complaint in these rooms because the air is really dry.  The doctor doesn’t want to give me a decongestant because it can dry up all my fluid levels.  So, she said to get a humidifier for the room.  We needed to get one for the nursery anyway, so it all works out.  My wonderful husband picked one up for me on his way to see me this evening.

They did a Strep B test (all pregnant people get tested near the end of their pregnancy) when I got here on Monday night.  Turns out I’m positive for Strep B.  Apparently about 25% of women carry the bacteria, but don’t show signs of it.  So, it doesn’t mean I have an infection.  It means that it could develop into an infection.  They are doing a test to see what type of antibiotics the bacteria responds to.  I guess you normally treat it with penicillin, but I’m allergic.  They will add another antibiotic for me to take or modify the ones I am currently taking when they get the results.  I will have to have IV antibiotics when I deliver as well.  There’s a risk to the baby if left untreated.  So, that won’t be a problem because I’m being pumped full of so many antibiotics I might never get sick again… If you are bored and would like to read more about it: http://pregnancy.about.com/cs/groupbstrep/a/aa101397.htm  The doctor wasn’t concerned about it, just something to be aware of.  I’m not worried about it because I’ve declared my crotch to be an ‘infection-free’ zone!  🙂

My nurse for the day was Kristine.  She was SOOO nice!  Everyone has been super nice here.  A bunch of the nurses that I’ve had will come in and check on me the next time they work.  They are assigned to some of the labor rooms, but they slip away for a quick visit.  I’m making so many friends!!  Anyway, Kristine told me that with her first son, her water broke at 30 weeks.  She sat in the hospital for 4 days before going into labor.  Her little man was only in the hospital for 2 weeks!  It’s nice to hear stuff like that!  The other funny thing was that she used to work in labor and delivery at Barnes-Jewish.  I told her that’s the hospital where I work so we had some fun seeing who we both knew and talking.

I had a few visitors this evening!!  Erika Hatch, our neighbor in St. Charles, came by.  She brought me the prettiest pink roses and some magazines.  She couldn’t stay long, but she’s going to come back up on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl.  We were actually planning on doing something for the Super Bowl before all of this, so we just changed the venue!  While Erika was here, Bill and Kathy Matti stopped by.  I work with Bill at Barnes.  We had a great time visiting (well, at least I did).  I’ve been trying to get Alex and Bill to meet for a while now, so they finally did.  I told them it only took premature rupture of membranes to make it happen … planning a dinner might have been easier.  It was really great to visit with everyone!  I really appreciate the company!!

Speaking of company – Alex is staying the night tonight!!  I’m so pumped!!  Because he’s been working, I only get to see him for a few hours each day in the evening.  So, we get to spend quite a bit of time together this weekend.  I’m like giddy with excitement!

We were supposed to get a ton of snow today… didn’t really happen.  It rained until about noon and then switched to snow.  It snowed since then, but the roads just look wet.  They probably got a little slick once traffic died down, but I honestly haven’t had a problem getting out… The snow is really pretty from my windows, I just hate for people to have to drive in it.  I’m enjoying it though!

I think that’s it for now!!  Check back for more updates!  Thanks again for all the thoughts, prayers, and support!!


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