Update: Thursday 2/4/10

Thursday – Day #3

My days are already starting to run together.  I have to keep reminding myself what day of the week it is and the date.  So, I’m pretty sure that I’m talking about Thursday the 4th, but I could be way off here…

During the night (around 3am) I woke up to potty and the nurse hooked up more IV antibiotics.  I was laying there trying to go back to sleep when I felt my hand and arm (the one with the IV) get really tight.  I turned on some lights and saw that my hand had puffed up like one of those Incredible Hulk boxing gloves – minus the green color.  Turns out that my IV had shifted and instead of putting the fluids into my blood, it was draining everything into the tissue in my hand and forearm.  The nurse was having a hard time finding a vein in my other hand to start a new IV, so she called in an anesthesiologist.  He came in and was able to start an IV in my other hand.  He kept warning me that it was going to hurt – I kept asking him how this compared to the epidural… He claimed they were about the same.  I think he’s a liar!! hehe.  So, my right hand has been a little Michelin Man-ish, but it should go down eventually.

Dr. Jennifer Smith came to see me this morning.  My doctor assigned me to her while he abandoned me for Hawaii… can’t say I blame him!  She was VERY pleased that we made it past the 48 hour mark.  It’s a big milestone.  She’s confident that we can hold out for a while longer.  Dr. Smith looked at Anna’s printouts from the fetal monitor and said that she looks wonderful.  Her exact comment was that by just looking at the strips you would never know she was in this type of situation.  Anna is as content as she can be right now!!  (Just a little less buoyant.)  Dr. Smith switched my antibiotics to all oral, so they were able to take my IV out.  She also switched monitoring from continuous to twice a day for about an hour each time.  Now the only thing I’m hooked up to is the compression stockings for my legs.  Have to keep blood clots at bay!!  It’s so nice to go potty without medical equipment keeping you company!

The HUGE news is that she let me take a shower.  I could have kissed Dr. Smith when she said that!  I told her that, but she declined the offer.  (Her loss, right??)  I took the longest, warmest shower ever.  It was the greatest shower I’ve ever had.  I mean, the last time I washed my hair was Monday morning.  I had just been laying there becoming this big greasy, fluid leaking mess.  There’s only so much that deodorant will hide… So, I had a bit of a Herbal Essences moment in the shower.  I shampooed my hair twice, just to make sure it was clean.  I feel like a brand new woman!!

My mom went back to Cape today.  She had some stuff to take care of and a doctor’s appointment.  So, I had a day all to myself.  It was actually kind of nice.  I updated the blog, answered a bunch of emails and stuff on Facebook.  I ate lunch and took a long nap.  The nurses would come in to visit with me for a while and the sweet little Chaplin came in to see me again.  Alex got up here around 6.  We ordered dinner and watched some TV together and visited.  He’s going to stay at the hospital with me tomorrow night and Saturday night!  He’s so excited for our sleepover!!  I think we are going to give each other pedicures and gossip about boys.  It’s going to be so much fun!!

Ok, so a funny story before I stop for today.  Warning: if you are grossed out by the thought of a maxi pad, then do not read any further.  When I was admitted to the hospital they gave me a bag of the biggest, most absorbent, maxi-est maxi pads you can imagine.  I mean, I thought I had see some big pads in my day, but these are like the Cadillac of maxi pads.  So, the nurse props them on top of the toilet paper dispenser in my bathroom.  I go in there during the first night and couldn’t find the bag of pads anywhere.  Wouldn’t you know that they fell into the toilet!  The whole bag!  I pulled the bag out – it now weighed about 75 pounds.  The super absorbent pads had sucked up all the water from the toilet bowl!  It was dry as a bone.  Hey, they were just doing their job!!  Glad to know they work so well… Lesson learned: Keep your bag of hospital grade maxi pads away from the toilet! 🙂


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