Update: Wednesday 2/3/10

I’m officially 33 weeks!  Today was a pretty busy day.  My mom stayed the night with me and we both got some sleep.  I was given a sleep aid and got around 6 hours of sleep.  I saw the doctor early in the morning.  Everything is looking good and holding steady.  Anna is doing great and showing no signs of stress.  I don’t have any signs of infection (temp has been normal and no tenderness in my belly).  They will start looking at white blood cell counts in a few days.  The steroid shots can alter those numbers for about 3 days after you get them.  My blood pressure has been fabulously low.  I was having some cramps throughout the night.  They would start in my lower back and wrap around to my tummy.  I could feel my uterus harden, but the majority of them were not registering on the monitor.  There was no pattern to them and they did not intensify, so the doc thinks they were just Braxton-Hicks contractions.  I realized later that I only got the cramps when I was laying on my side.  So, they would go away with a change in position.  I got the last of my steroid shots.  The doc wouldn’t let me shower again today.  (Dang it!)  He kept me hooked up to the monitor continuously today too.  He kept me on continuous IV fluids with the IV and oral antibiotics.


I had a pretty busy day, as surprising as that sounds.  My mother-in-law, Martha, came up to help out.  She was a really big help!!  She put away our Christmas decorations (we hadn’t been able to do that yet…) and cleaned our house a bit.  She got a bunch of snacks for us to have on hand at the hospital too.  That morning, Michele Ford (one of my neighbors growing up) surprised me with a visit.  It was so nice visiting with her!  As Michele was leaving, the hospital Chaplin came in.  She’s the cutest little Mississippi lady.  I just want to squeeze her!  We visited for a bit and she prayed for me and my little girl.  Martha stopped by the hospital right after lunch.  We had a great time chatting for a few hours.  While Martha was here, one of Labor and Delivery’s nurse managers came by to introduce herself.  She is super nice (all the staff here is SOOO sweet)!  She gave me a list of all of the nurse managers and lead charges on the floor with their direct phone number.  I asked her if their was any way to speak to a lactation consultant.  She requested for one to come to my room.  Shortly after, the consultant showed up.  I had several questions about being able to breastfeed Anna if she has a feeding tube.  Basically I will have to pump in order to keep my milk supply up.  She will be fed the milk that I pump along with a special formula.  After the feeding tube, Anna will most likely have to eat from a bottle because she won’t have the ability to latch on.  We can probably get her to eventually latch on, but we could feed her from a bottle if needed.  I would just pump and put the milk in a bottle.  As long as she can get the breastmilk, I’m okay with doing whatever.  I really hope that it works out.  It’s so much better for the baby, especially for preemies.


My mom had gone to my house in the morning to sleep a bit and shower.  She came back by a little bit before dinner time.  Alex picked up dinner for us and came up to visit for a while.  My sister had gotten us the first season of Glee, so we’ve been watching that at night.  It’s HILARIOUS.  I’m really enjoying it!


The big news for today is that they switched me to a bigger room.  I’m now in room #1, which is amazing!  There are two walls of windows to look out and a ton of room.  Heck, I was just excited to walk out in the hall!  I was singing The Jefferson’s theme song while walking to my new living quarters!


I think that’s about it for today.  No news is good news right now!!


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