Baby Showers!!!

So, we are really lucky that we have so many caring people in our life.  We had several people ask to throw us shower to help us get ready for Miss Anna’s arrival.  Also, we luckily planned for all of the showers to be in January (since my water broke the day after the last shower…)

January 23, 2010

Dalhousie Country Club

Hostesses: Patti Davis, Kerrye Foley, Nancy Kiefner, and Cindy Underwood

The shower was fabulous!  I had such a good time talking with everyone and catching up a bit.  Here’s a few pictures:

The lovely hostesses and myself!  Thank you ladies!!

The decorations and yummy food!!  Look at all the pink!


Pretty cake!


Sister, me, and mom: Aunt Jennifer, Mommy, and Maime


January 24, 2010

Family Dinner and Baby Shower

My family rocks, there’s no question about that.  I love being in a big family and love how close we all are.  I can’t imagine being without them!!

Well, we usually have a family dinner once every few months just to get everyone together and spend some time with one another.  They threw Alex and myself a shower this month on top of the dinner!!  Seeing as Anna is the 9th great-grandchild for my Grandma Hartmann (mom’s mom) and the first girl, I wasn’t surprised a bit at the amount of amazingly cute girly clothes we got!  My family has been dying to buy pink clothes for YEARS!!

Filling our plates!!  The food is always AMAZING!


Chowing down!


Ice Cream Cake!!

Chocolate/Vanilla Cake – That’s right, we had two cakes – don’t you wish you were in my family??




Jen and Heather were excited!!

Proud Mommy and Daddy!  I swear we didn’t match shirts on purpose…

January 31, 2010

First Presbyterian Shower

Hosted by the Recognition Committee

My family belongs to First Presbyterian Church in Cape Girardeau.  The congregation is wonderful!!  Leave it to the Presbyterian women to throw such a great shower!!  Thank you ladies!!

Adorable Cake!  Those booties are little cakes too!


Sis, Me, and Mom


Opening gifts!


Opening even more gifts!


The captive audience!

So, it’s official.  Anna is spoiled rotten (as all little princesses should be!).  We got so many cute things, I don’t even know where to start!!  It was such a huge help to us to be a little prepared for our baby.  We really appreciate everyone and everything!! Thank you again!!!

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