So Much for No Health Issues

This week has been one baby related thing after another. Well, I take that back somewhat. On Saturday we went with my parents to see Grease at The Fox. It was REALLY good!! Then we all met Alex’s mom and step dad at Kemoll’s for dinner to celebrate my birthday. Yummy food, and a great view!!


So, other than that, the week kind of revolved around Anna (guess we should get used to that…). We had a childbirth class last week. The instructor taught the dads different types of massages to ease labor pains. Then she had the dads practice on the moms. It was already uncomfortable, but then the instructor insisted on turning off the lights and playing music. If it didn’t already feel like one big pregnant orgy, the girl next to me starts moaning. It was all I could do to not laugh hysterically the entire time. (Secretly I wish that girl’s husband would teach mine a thing or two about massages.. hehe.) We also watched this video of people in early labor. One of the husbands starts talking about how much he enjoyed early labor and how they went hiking and so on. Is it just me, or does hiking sound like a horrible idea when you are in any stage of labor? Also, I’m sure the husband had a ball while his wife was in pain. I made Alex promise that he wouldn’t tell me how much he enjoyed labor. I just might claw his face off if he does. (That could be the cocktail of hormones I have going on right now talking.)


Alex and I took an infant CPR/first aid class on Wednesday night. They actually taught us infant, child, and adult CPR and choking. I’m really glad we took the class. I feel a little bit more comfortable. I hope to God we never have to use what we learned though. If anyone has not been trained in CPR and first aid, you need to!


Our childbirth class this week showed the delivery and after-birth phases of labor. Holy crap – PUKE. We watched these outdated videos, so it was hard to look past the big Amazon bush that most women were sporting. Apparently they offer the moms a mirror so they can watch the baby come out. I’m thinking I never want to see my lady parts in that kind of light. They look one way in my mind, and I’m thinking I want to keep that mental picture. They also showed the docs pulling out the placenta and looking at it. We were told that some people take it home to eat or make tea out of it. Not knocking other cultures, but wow that’s strange. Ok, maybe I am knocking other cultures. There’s no reason to eat a human’s organ. NONE. We also took a tour of the labor and delivery floor. It’s all be rennovated recently and looks really nice. I guess the tour stuck with me because I had a dream that night that I was in the postpartum room holding my sweet little girl…


Sunday morning we worked on the nursery. Alex’s mom and step dad were a huge help and we got a ton of stuff done! We had already installed wainscoating, casing, and crown molding. Painted the remaining walls pink and touched up all the wood work with ivory. We had also painted the closet green and installed some shelving and organizational units. Anna has the nicest closet in the house! The bathroom has been painted yellow and we refinished the vanity. It was a dark brown stained wood. It’s now green with a crackle finish! We put new knobs on the vanity too! I painted a quote in one corner of the nursery too. On Sunday, we hung a mirror behind the changing table, put up curtains, hung her name over the crib, and put up some pictures in the bathroom. I am going to paint flowers in a couple spots, so I started that as well. It’s all coming together!! But, with two steps forward, you have to take one step back. We had some paint sitting in one corner of the room that we didn’t realize was leaking everywhere. There’s now about a quarter gallon of ivory paint stuck to the carpet. Yikes! We will have to get that fixed at some point soon. Hopefully a carpet installer can just patch the carpet in that corner. I guess we will find out! There’s still a few other things we are wrapping up in the nursery before I can start to put away everything and organize. I can’t wait to hold my squishy baby in my arms, but there’s so much that needs to be done first!


So, going on with the baby-themed week. I had to go to my doctor’s office a few times for unplanned visits. I’ve been getting really dizzy at times. I spoke with my doctor who had me watch it for a few days and call back. Well, it kept up so I spoke with him again. He wanted me to check my blood sugar. Now, I work at a hospital, so you would think that I could easily find a way to check my blood sugar. WRONG! Occupational health wouldn’t do it, I couldn’t use the meters on the nursing floors because I wasn’t a patient, and I couldn’t find a diabetic laying around to let me use their meter. So, I had to leave work and go to see my doc. My blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugar were all completely fine. He thinks it has something to do with the increased blood flow and I’m supposed to sit/lay down if I start to feel bad. Then yesterday, Anna gave me quite the scare. Pregnant women are supposed to monitor fetal activity and note any changes. You use what are called Kick Counts to make sure the baby is active enough. The reasoning is, if the baby is in duress they will conserve oxygen. When they do that, the activity level lessens. So, Anna has a pretty set schedule of activity and rest. She is usually a crazy lady in the morning – almost as if she is trying to punch through my belly button to get out. Yesterday, she was hardly moving. I drank a soda (the increase in mom’s blood sugar will usually get the baby moving). She still hardly moved. So, I called the doc. He had me do another kick count and contact him with the results. The second count was still less than what they wanted, so he had me come in for a non-stress test. At this point, all of the men I work with think that I’m absolutely crazy and overreacting. They have never heard of monitoring fetal movement or kick counts.  Jerks!  So, I brush them off and head to the doctor’s. Wouldn’t you know she made me look like the biggest liar. I guess this won’t be the last time… As soon as they hooked me up to the fetal monitor, she started going crazy. I think she was trying to move away from the monitor or attack it. She was so active that it was almost impossible to monitor her. She kept kicking and punching the transducer. My doctor came in and took one look at her print out and told me that she looks perfectly healthy. I told him I felt stupid! He said not to feel stupid and that it’s always better safe than sorry. He also said that the guys work with need to be nicer to me!! hehe. I’ll be sure to pass that along.


9 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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